Friday, 30 January 2009

Blue layout?! And who's that guy?!

I should have included this in the opening post.

I am now going to explain my reasoning behind the choice of layout for the blog. Blue - firstly, blue is my favourite colour. It is also the colour that Mary the Mother of our Lord, is often painted in. And as such, it is my favourite colour.

The guy, i do believe, is the angelic doctor and Dominican friar himself! St Thomas Aquinas. I thought it was particularly poignant to include him. Firstly because it was his feast day on Wednesday and, Secondly, because he is one of my favourite thinkers! I am a Thomist.

Papal YouTube

Being a 'member' of a 1Billion person strong church, it can often feel as if you're isolated. Cut off from your fellow Catholics. However the internet seems to be breaking down the barriers, from Catholic blogs to the recent creation of the Vatican's YouTube Channel, technology is making life as a young Catholic an awful lot easier!

This is a thoroughly exciting enterprise! And a *hat tip* from me, to the chaps that thought of it!

New blog, first post....

Hi. I am a regular reader of certain blogs on the internet in particular Damian Thompson, Frs Ray Blake and Tim Finigan, as well as the Irish Dominican Vocations blog etc. etc. So I thought I'd add my insight into issues facing the world, both religious and political. Issues seen through the eyes of Catholic, a 'young' Catholic.

I would ask your patience as my grammar and spelling can be way off sometimes, heck, most of the time, but at least I'm honest.