Friday, 30 April 2010

Peter Smith to go to Southwark.

The news has broken that Archbishop Peter Smith is to be translated to the See of Southwark (his home diocese). I think I speak for most in the diocese when I saw he will be sorely missed. Over the last 8 and a half years he has been a good pastor to the Church in this diocese;

The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has appointed the Most Reverend Peter Smith, until now Archbishop of Cardiff, as the new Archbishop of Southwark

Archbishop Smith was named the tenth Archbishop of Southwark on 30 April 2010. He succeeds the Most Reverend Kevin McDonald (2003-2009).

Archbishop Smith was born on 21 October 1943, ordained priest on 15 July 1972, ordained Bishop of East Anglia on 27 May 1995, transferred to Cardiff on 26 October 2001.
Commenting on his appointment the Archbishop said;

“After eight very happy years in the Archdiocese of Cardiff, I am very sad to be leaving Wales.

“Over these years I have enjoyed working with the priests, deacons, religious and laity of the Archdiocese in Wales and Herefordshire and thank them for their help and co-operation in so many areas of Diocesan life and work. I am especially grateful for their support in bringing about the re-organisation of pastoral provision for the Catholic community, and fostering the mission of the Church in so many ways. My experience of the Archdiocese is that the spirit of St. David is still very much alive and summed up in his dying words: 'Be joyful; keep the faith.'

“I should also like to thank the leaders of the other Christian Churches communities, and the leaders of other faiths in Wales. We have enjoyed a fruitful dialogue and relationship to the benefit of our particular communities and wider society. I have found the civic authorities, in particular the Welsh Assembly Government and Local Authorities, have been unfailingly courteous and helpful, as has the local media. I am deeply grateful for that too.

“I shall never forget the warmth and generosity of the people of Wales, not only the Catholic community but so many others, and their great sense of humour and cheerfulness.

“However, my sadness at leaving is tempered by the prospect of returning to my roots in South London and going home to the Archdiocese in which I was born and for which I was ordained a priest in 1972. I am very much looking forward to that and to serving the people, religious, deacons and priests of the Archdiocese of Southwark as their Bishop. It is good to be returning home, although I feel there is part of me which will always have a 'second home' in Wales.”
He has been good to me over the years; answering the plethora of letters I have sent him and I will never forget the meeting I had with him around this time five years ago to talk about the priesthood and how I felt a personal calling to serve the Lord. He understood where I was coming from and listened.

I pray that the Lord will guide him in his new ministry as Archbishop of Southwark.

In Domino.

William Hague

William Hague is quite simply a genius of political wit! Some of his speeches in the House of Commons have, not only members of the Conservative Party, but also the government benches, literally, verging on the brink of tears.

If I was on the government benches I would not have been able to control myself when he said most of this:

There are a few other videos I’ve come across where I’ve been laughing, at some points, uncontrollably! No matter what political convictions you have, you cannot deny... Hague is a Master Orator.

I thought I’d include a political blog in the run up to May 6th, 2010. I trust we all have our polling cards at the ready. I intend on being one of the first to vote. I also plan on staying up all night with a mini-election party!

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Well, what an interesting Friday!

It started off pretty normal with the usual business of university etc... but ended up in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (it was all planned well in advance, but still it was magnificent.)
It was decided last year that for my uncles 50th birthday this year that we will climb the three peaks (Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike and Snowdon) at the end of May, so for training purposes my father, brothers and I climbed Pen-y-Fan yesterday (the highest peak in South Wales and I believe in Souther Britain, although you may want to correct me on that.) And well, the view from the top was simply outstanding, if I'd had my camera with me I would have taken many photos. However I only had my phone.

The above photo is about 5 minutes walk from the top itself, however there is quite a steep incline before you get there!

This is my father and my eldest brother lagging behind! Eventually there was a 15 minute gap between them and the middle brother, with me in the middle.

Praying the Rosary was a truly wonderful experience (unfortunately I had to pray it silently and on my own but I was content.)

My father and my brother at the top of 'Pen-y-Fan'. Middle brother and I had been there for a little while before they arrived.

An hour up and about 45 minutes coming down (roughly for middle brother and I). The next practice run is to be - Cadair Idris.

In Domino

Friday, 9 April 2010

And a child is born... the University Hospital of Wales at 15.26 on the 8th April 2010.

This is in reference to my niece. The name chosen was Roxanne (no middle names as yet).

Please pray for my brother and his family at this most joyful time!

In Domino

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Urbi et Orbi

May the Grace and Joy of the Risen Christ be with you too, Holy Father.

Friday, 2 April 2010


Before I begin my blogging silence (until after the Easter Vigil) I would like to take this opportunity to which the readers of this blog a blessed Good Friday and may your Holy Saturday be one of quiet contemplation as we await the glorious Resurrection of Our Lord.

I also hope you will join me in praying for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. He has had a very difficult time of late, as has the whole Church.

Today (2nd April) is a very important day for me as it marked a change in my life. Five years on from that change I would like to ask your prayers for me personally.

And finally, today is the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II. We should pray for him and for his cause.