Friday, 14 August 2009

New Layout, new identity...

...this weekend is one of great importance for me. It is the weekend that I leave the family home and move into my accommodation for the next two years.

As some of you will know, as of September I will be a student at Cardiff University (my home university) which will be a welcome change from Canterbury. I felt totally disconnected from my family, friends and even my Faith. The three important "F" words!

...I promise that I will update the blog as much as I can, obviously for the next week or two I will not have access to the internet, but please don't give up on the blog!!

Ave Maria


Miss Ellen E. said...

Prayers and good wishes for your move.

Catholic Student said...

Thank you for the prayers! They are needed, trust me!

Miss Ellen E. said...

Hello there, I hope you're settling in well and have got your internet connection sorted by now.

I've tagged you in a meme. See my blog for details. (I'm sorry I haven't worked out how to do links in the comms box yet!) I look forward to seeing what you come up with in reply!