Saturday, 7 February 2009


I always knew it was going to be hard for me with atheist/agnostic parents and siblings, but today was just plain ignorance on my parents part!

Mum: "I always thought he was a fascist. The sooner he goes the better!"
Me: "Who?"
Mum: "Benedict" *she then held up a copy of The Week in which was a picture of Bishop Williamson and said "readmitting an anti-Semite, who does he think he is?"

I was naturally quite dumb struck by this. First, that my mother, who, for as long as i can remember has been sceptical of the British press, believing something she reads, and secondly, accusing the Pope of doing this on purpose.

For some unknown reason her and my father believed Williamson and the others had been excommunicated in '88 because of their views on the holocaust. When i pointed out that it is only Williamson who has publicly stated such views, and they were excommunicated for a totally different reason. They both refused to listen. My father going into a long tirada of how "SSPX is a well known traditional [therefore far-right] group, and by readmitting them the Pope has affiliated himself with far-right ideologies". I really don't understand my parents logic. Even when i tried to say they hadn't been readmitted [yet] they only had the excommunications lifted they went on about how it's all the same with my "made up" religion.

Still she would have none of it, and i left the room after trying to argue my point, only to be jeered.

Please pray for my parents.

Gail Marie James - lapsed Catholic
Ian Malcolm James - lapsed Methodist

and also keep up those prayers for our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, he is surely in most need of them right now.


Anonymous said...

As the mother of an atheist son (and a full-on LMS-attending traditional son also, by the way)it's interesting to hear the mother/son argument from the reverse side! Welcome to the blogosphere.

Catholic Student said...

Thank you for the welcome :-)

Alas, arguments like that are becoming all too frequent when i go home. The further into Benedict's pontificate the more 'controversial' it becomes. But, i wouldn't have it any other way!