Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Lent...fasting?? alms giving??

Dear Reader(s) (i thought i'd start this post differently, don't worry i'm not adopting a preachy style!)

Is saying 'happy lent' a sort of oxymoron? Should we as Christians see this as a joyful time? I think the answer is, Yes. What are we waiting for? Essentially we're waiting for the anniversary of our Salvation.

I think this is a beautiful thought. Advent - we are in waiting of the arrival of the Lord. Lent - we are in waiting for the anniversary of our Salvation, or atleast the moment Salvation was attainable.

I shall end that there before i get caught up in my own words and probably utter a heresy.

I have had a wonderful day, and mass was beautiful. The Church was full to capacity. It was a beautiful sight!

I promise i will update this blog more from now on. Actually one of my Lenten promises is to update the blog more.

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Miss Ellen E. said...

I think you can safely say readers ;)