Saturday, 18 July 2009

"You should be a priest"

These were the words spoken to me by a man who I had known for quite literally 10 minutes. As I was leaving Cardiff's St David's Cathedral yesterday a man stopped me to ask a few questions regarding the resting place(s) of the Archbishops, I helped him as best I could.

After a brief discussion/debate about the post-conciliar church, during which I hinted at my love of both 'forms' of the Roman Rite he concluded our conversations with a question then a statement...

Man: "Are you in seminary?"
Me: "No..."
Man: "You should be a priest!"

This has happened numerous times, by people who've known me a while, and those who I meet briefly (as in this case). I've heard it remarked that, when I'm busying myself with purely secular issues I can get a little annoyed, and generally be a bit grumpy. However. When the topic turns to religion there is a new release of life and I become passionate!

I think I do have a vocation, I pray on it regularly, and I ask for Our Lady's guidance... but it is people like that man yesterday who really inspire you, they see something in you that makes them ask the question, they seem something that makes them make quite a profound statement.

So my question to my reader(s) is.. have you ever planted the idea of a vocation in a young man or young woman's minds? what I mean is, have you asked them? If not, do! They may very well think they have a vocation, or they may have never even thought of it, but what your question will do is begin the questioning process.

Ave Maria

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