Sunday, 14 February 2010

BBC at Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral.

As the topic heading suggests, the BBC (BBC Radio Wales) were in the Cathedral on the 4th February; they were recording for two programmes. The first of which was aired this morning at 8.05; the other will be on Easter Sunday at the same time.

The preacher was the Very Rev Canon Peter Collins, Dean of the Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David.

It is a 'liturgy of the word' and can be heard here.

I tend to refrain from posting on Sundays but I thought I'd be different today.

In Domino


Miss Ellen E. said...

Thanks for posting the link. Were you in the cathedral for the recording?

It was interesting to hear the beginning of 'All Things Considered' at the end of the clip. I have a lot of those podcasts on my iPod and there are some very interesting topics.

Catholic Student said...

I thought I'd post the link so you could listen to the Canon preach and the wonderful choir the Cathedral has.