Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy St David's Day...

Or is it? Liturgically, of course, St David's Day will be celebrated up and down Wales - and in England (Feast) tomorrow. But the secularist (i.e. my parents, brothers, most of my friends) wished me a Happy St David's Day today. I of course, said it back.

So instead I wish those in blogsphere a Happy First Sunday of Lent. I think this is to be a theme i have picked up for lent. Whether it is indeed a happy time?? As i mentioned in my previous post, i think it is a very happy time. But some of you may disagree.

St David, is the principal Patron Saint of Wales, and as a Welshman am proud to wear (on occasion) a daffodil/leak as it is my national day.

The above got me thinking...being a proud Welshman/Brit does it contradict with my Catholic faith? And on reflection i suppose it does. Being proud of the country you come from tends to mean you like everything that is going on. I must say as a Catholic I am not proud..

I am not proud of a country that seems to have lost its way, turned from the path of Christianity and is heading in which ever way it is dragged. Proof of this would be His Grace, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr Rowan Williams and his view regarding the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia Law into the British legal system. (I almost wrote constitution, but technically we don't have one.)

So this leaves me in a bit of a pickle. I'm Catholic and I'm Welsh. I love my faith and I love my country. And as such i pray for Britain's conversion every day. Or should that be re-conversion.

*gets off high horse*


Miss Ellen E. said...

In our parish, our PP wished all our Welsh parishioners a Happy St David's Day today (that's in England, by the way) even though the Mass was naturally that of the First Sunday of Lent. A sensible approach, I would have thought.
A very Happy St David's Day to you - what left of it, anway. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Dedwydd! I hope I got that right!

Catholic Student said...

Thank you. You could have written anything in Welsh and I wouldn't have understood a word, apart from; good morning, afternoon and night. Oh and - may I go to the toilet please; quite handy to know!