Saturday, 4 April 2009

Jesus Christ, Your Are My Life.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that some of the readers of the this blog will not have heard that song before. Traditionally it is played at World Youth Day. Well, it was at Toronto and Cologne, so I imagine it was played in Sydney as well. It was played as the Pope entered the area where the Vigil and Mass were to be held, and he was met with cheers and shouts of joy! To see the look on his face was something that lit a fire in everyones heart! Young Catholics love the Pope and the Pope loves us!

It is through the Church (headed by the Pope, on earth) that we encounter the Love of Christ, the same Christ who gave himself up for our sins.

"Yes, God loved the world so much
that he gave his only Son,
so that everyone who believes in him may not be lost
but may have eternal life"
(John 3:16 New Jerusalem Bible)

As Catholics we remember that sacrifice every time we attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, it is a constant reminder to us of the ultimate price paid so that we can live for eternity with the Father.

Love is fundamental to Christianity. In this week that is Most Holy, let us remember that.

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