Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Queen at Christmas.

A dear friend and I recently had a discussion about all things Catholic (and Christian). And the conversation turned to Her Majesty, the Queen and her Christmas Message 2008. Too often I feel we are quick to criticise Her Majesty and her family, but what we fail to realise is that they, like us are ordinary people, trying to living ordinary lives (when not being in front of the cameras).

Whilst the royal family is not Catholic they are Christian, and whilst some may scoff at them being Anglican i say to you "at least they try" they are holding up one of Britain's greatest institutions and if they all converted to Roman Catholicism then it'd cease to exist, or at least cease to be an English queen/king, and then we'd have to resort to a foreign ruler...or dare i say, a Republic.

What i'm trying to say is, the Queen, for all her faults, was bold this Christmas and, when her Government is turning away from the Truth and when her 'Bishops' are spouting un-Christian drivel she remains the Supreme Governor of the Church of England and as such tries her hardest to be a Christian, even taking the bold step of mentioning Jesus of Nazareth in her televised address to the nation!

So next time you think ill of the Royal Family, remember, that when her Government is making abortions easier, and pseudo-Bishops are advocating certain elements of Shari'ah law being embedded in the UK legal system, she in her role as Defender of the Faith promotes strong Christian ideals.

Rant over.

God Bless the Queen!
Long live the Pope!

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