Sunday, 5 April 2009

Church teaching to change?

Me thinks...NOT!

Radio 4's Decision Time, was interesting last night. Ruth Gledhill, the Time's newspapers Religious correspondent seems to be under the impression that, like the Anglican *Ecclesial community* Communion, significant theological matters are up for discussion in the Catholic Church.

I assume she means (she doesn't actually reveal what she means) the matters of faith surrounding, Anglicans receiving Communion in a Catholic Church and I assume the *true* claim of the Church of Rome that it is THE Church founded by Christ, as such is the ONLY Church.

Does she not realise that these matters are not up for discussion? Or at least change? The theology behind the ban on Anglicans receiving communion is because of their 'beliefs' not ours.

The former Bishop of St Albans, makes an odd point. About the monarchs children having to be Catholic...yes this is true, it is part of the marriage vows, a vow made with GOD.

Ah well. Let us *Catholics* hope and pray that one day Christians will be united under one banner, that of Catholicism...

...I appear to be rambling.

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