Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The journey...

...I might have gone a little crazy today and put up the crib a little early in my flat, well I say crib... usually you have the 'shed' as well... I don't.

Anyway, all the figures are out and around the living room apart from the child Jesus, of course! I have set the three wise men in a location on the other side of the room of the actual Nativity scene, they will be moved closer on Christmas day and then will take the final move to the nativity scene on 6th January. Here are a couple of pictures I took earlier:

Yes those are the Harry Potter books *awaits smiting*

And the FRIENDS dvds...

On a side note, the crucifix, candles, and statues (of Our Lord and Lady) are usually atop the bookcase currently dominated by the Nativity scene.

In Domino

*I should have used my more impressive camera*


Miss Ellen E. said...

A very tidy flat - I'm impressed!

The Pater Familias is back from an overseas business trip tonight so I'm hoping he'll be able to go and choose our tree in time to put it up at the weekend and then we'll get out the crib - photos to follow.

It's good to see signs of the impending feast in our daily surroundings, I think. It helps to keep us focused on our preparations.

Catholic Student said...

Aha well you see I chose the camera angles so that you'd think the flat is tidy!

Ah good, alas I opted for a fake tree this year, I'll see about a real one next year *fingers crossed*

I agree! Alas I haven't got an Advent wreath in the flat, it was one thing I forgot to purchase, but there's always next year!