Thursday, 31 December 2009


Guess where I was yesterday...

...that's right, I was in London; a friend of mine is home for Christmas so I thought I'd pop over to London for a visit; we went to Westminster Cathedral (it seems to grow on me each time I visit), the Brompton Oratory, Harrod's and the National Gallery; for an exhibition "the Sacred made Real".

We stayed for Mass in both churches and I know which I preferred; both were in English but, as my friend said; it's the ad orientem which is the major difference; and it adds to the reverential aspect of the Mass.

Both churches are truly beautiful in their own ways! But there was something breath-taking about the Oratory; it is truly a House befitting the Lord!

The exhibition was, as another friend pointed out; a specialist exhibition. Meaning if you went without any interest in religion then they would just have been paintings, but for those who believe there was another aspect to them, the life size crucifixion made us feel like we were there!

All-in-all I had a very enjoyable day, concluding with dinner at Wagamammas... the portions are huge, and delicious!

Also, Harrod's was... interesting.


Miss Ellen E. said...

Sounds like you had a great day - you certainly seemed to cram a lot into it.

Happy New Year to you.

Catholic with Attitude said...

Your trip to the Cathedral and to the Oratory, as well as Wagamamas basically sums up my tyical Sunday during term time!

Catholic Student said...

CwA: I'm slightly jealous of that.