Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Epiphany confusion...

...confused? I am! Why did the Bishops Conference of England and Wales change things? Why did they move certain Holy Days of Obligation to nearest Sunday? It makes no sense to me; it seems like the Church in England and Wales is bowing to the society in which we live, personally I look forward to the day when we are back in sync with the rest of the Church universal!

The main problem, for me at least is when do I pray the Feast of the Epiphany? I took the decision this year to do so on the 6th January. However I added the Three Kings to the nativity scene on "Epiphany Sunday"...

This was the scene I meditated on (briefly) Sunday evening. It really does focus one's mind! There is a candle to the far right as well, which is partially out of shot!

I love Christmastide! It is full of some of Holy Mother Churches most wondrous and glorious feasts! I will be popping to church tomorrow and will offer festive greetings to the priest, hopefully if it is the priest who I hope it is he will return them!

I took a quick peek at the Monastic Diurnal for the Feast of the Epiphany and the antiphon for the second psalm really stuck out;
"Apértis thesáuris suis, obtulérunt Magi Dómino aurum, thus et myrrham allelúia."
Or to you and me,
"Opening their treasures, the Magi offered the Lord, gold, frankincense and myrrh, alleluia."
There is something truly beautiful about Latin. People often compare it to Welsh as a 'dead' language, but when one prays in Latin or hears a Latin Mass (EF or OF) it is truly beautiful.

That rambling about Latin came from nowhere! But it is beautiful.

I shall leave it there for now.

In Domino

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