Monday, 18 January 2010

"Where have you been?!"

I can hear some of you asking where I've been, well never fear. It wasn't an official hiatus; I was revising for two exams, both which I feel went well. One was for the module entitled "Monotheism from Moses to Freud" the other was today (Monday 18th) and it was Greek... of the Hellenistic variety.

So here we are, exam season is over until the Summer (Thank God).

Well, what has happened during my Great Silence?! There have been some fairly dramatic events; one which sticks in the mind is this awful, truly shocking disaster to hit Haiti.

According to a few websites the 'patron' of Haiti is Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We should pray for her intercession!

I must say that whilst being shocked at the event, I am overwhelmed by the amount of support being given, both financial and 'man power' wise from across the world.

In Domino


Miss Ellen E said...

Glad to hear the 'dreaded exams' are over for a while.

I enjoyed the video. I haven't seen this programme before and it did make me smile. I was very impressed with the young girl who plays Karen - quite a talent at such a tender age!

Catholic Student said...

Aha Miss Ellen, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The girl playing Karen really is a wonderful actress for her age!

Supposedly the children have a script, but rather than giving them lines it gives them themes to bring up, then they go about it their own way...

..I'm glad the 'dreaded exams' are over for the time being too!