Saturday, 24 April 2010


Well, what an interesting Friday!

It started off pretty normal with the usual business of university etc... but ended up in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (it was all planned well in advance, but still it was magnificent.)
It was decided last year that for my uncles 50th birthday this year that we will climb the three peaks (Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike and Snowdon) at the end of May, so for training purposes my father, brothers and I climbed Pen-y-Fan yesterday (the highest peak in South Wales and I believe in Souther Britain, although you may want to correct me on that.) And well, the view from the top was simply outstanding, if I'd had my camera with me I would have taken many photos. However I only had my phone.

The above photo is about 5 minutes walk from the top itself, however there is quite a steep incline before you get there!

This is my father and my eldest brother lagging behind! Eventually there was a 15 minute gap between them and the middle brother, with me in the middle.

Praying the Rosary was a truly wonderful experience (unfortunately I had to pray it silently and on my own but I was content.)

My father and my brother at the top of 'Pen-y-Fan'. Middle brother and I had been there for a little while before they arrived.

An hour up and about 45 minutes coming down (roughly for middle brother and I). The next practice run is to be - Cadair Idris.

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Catholic with Attitude said...

Those are some fantastic pictures. It reminds me of my little hiking trip in Australia last year where I also saw some amazing views. I did almost die from the experience and cut it short (you pay hard when you're not fit enough!) but lets not dwell on the negatives :)

Brilliant header by the way, looks 'sehr cool'.

Catholic Student said...

You almost died?! Good gracious! I think my brother was on his last legs by the end of it, but he persevered!

As for the header - thanks! I'm going to change it soon, but I don't know what image to use!