Saturday, 21 March 2009

Changing times??

The BBC and many blogs are carrying the story that the Government and Buckingham Palace have been in talks regarding the changing of a 300 year old piece of legislation that would, if enacted, end the current discriminatory practice that lead to HRH Prince Michael of Kent having to renounce his position in the order of precedence with regard to the accession to the English throne. I am of course talking about the Act of Settlement, which, barred Catholics from ever sitting on the throne, and also from heirs to the throne marrying a Catholic.

Whilst many regard this as a great step forward it could be, for us Christians anyway, a double-edged sword.

This would, it seems, begin the process of the disestablishment of the Church of England, the same as what happened in Wales. The Anglican hierarchy would no longer have a place in the establishment, or Parliament.

Whilst this may be seen as a good thing, it can only be seen as, by myself anyway, a two fingered salute at Christianity. With the disestablishment the 'Christian' voice in Parliament would be silenced. Sure there are many 'Christians' in both houses but none can speak with the authority of a Bishop, no matter what denomination!

Whilst we should rejoice that discrimination against Catholics in this country will finally come to an end, we should lament the Christian culture which is!

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Miss Ellen E. said...

I think you've summed up the pros and cons pretty well but we probably don't need to worry anyway as, just as on previous occasions when it's come up for discussion, it will probably get no further than that.