Monday, 9 March 2009

New Layout.

I thought I'd create a new layout. Never fear it's still me Catholic Student. The picture is a 'sort of' panoramic view of part of the gardens at the Benedictine Abbey of St Michael and All Angels in Belmont, Herefordshire.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there and would commend it to anyone. Especially young men who believe they may be called to religious life.


Miss Ellen E. said...

I like the new layout. Somehow lighter and more positive than the old one. Maybe it's just that I really like green :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Catholic student! I am impressed to find a young man like yourself with a lively active faith ;it is very encouraging. I wonder if I might ask you if you have seriously thought about becoming a priest ? One way or another I shall pray for you.

Catholic Student said...

Hey Miss Ellen E, as ever you leave a wonderful comment. It must be said, your comments keep me going.

Thank you, Anonymous. I have been considering or rather discerning my vocation since 16; and it seems like I'm heading in the direction of the ordained priesthood. Thank you for the offer of prayers. Know too that I pray for you.