Thursday, 5 March 2009

Westminster Succession

Should Catholics in England and Wales be eagerly anticipating the appointment to the See of Westminster? I think the announcement is likely to be made by the end of the month. Much has been said in the blogsphere about the succession, some of it quite nasty.

But what are we looking for in the future leader of the English and Welsh Church? Someone charismatic? Someone who inspires those around him, especially the young? Someone who has a proven track record of sound theological and doctrinal knowledge? Someone who isn't afraid of tradition, but understands that in Britain there is a balance between orthodoxy and 'liberalism'?

Personally i think the future Arch. of Westminster needs all the above characteristics...the question is: who fits the bill??

Hopefully the appointment will be made from a cleric currently serving in the U.K. - no necessarily one of the current hierarchy!!

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Miss Ellen E. said...

I think we're all naturally curious if nothing else about who will succeed Cardinal Cormac but, speaking personally, I'd rather wait longer if necessary if it means making sure the right man is appointed.