Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rose vestment time...

..following on from the post by Fr. Tim Finigan and the beautiful vestments that were worn in Blackfen on Sunday I thought I'd show you, dear readers, what was worn in Cardiff's cathedral.

Now it is important to note that the Canon was away at St Johns Seminary, Wonersh... something to do with the permanent diaconate. In his absence we had the retired priest in residence who regularly refers to me as a; 'Latinist'.

You may wish to look away now.

You may notice that the strip of pink (there is no way that is rose) is attached with Velcro. You may also notice the two statues, one is St Anthony, the other Pope St Pius X... I wonder what they, the latter in particular, would make of this.

In Domino


Catholic with Attitude said...

My goodness, it looks like somebody has spilt Angel delight down the front.

Catholic Student said...

Well... that's one way of putting it.