Monday, 1 March 2010


I stepped out onto the terrace this evening and it was quite a beautiful evening so I decided to take a few pictures.

(the sun sets behind my apartment building so I get light, without the problem of being blinded)

I was pretty impressed anyway! There are a few other pictures:

This is a view across the water at 'Cardiff Bay'. You can see the curved roof of the Wales Millennium Centre, you can also see the Pier Head Building (the read building with the clock tower) and of course, one of Cardiff's luxury hotels (St. David's Hotel and Spa - it has the odd roof).

And this is a picture of the Cardiff barrage. It's because of this that the 'bay' exists! Or rather, the 'lagoon' as my father calls it.

In Domino

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Miss Ellen E. said...

You are very lucky to have such a beautiful view. You couldn't put a price on that!

Good photos too. Good job I'm trying to be good or I'd be green with envy!! :-)