Monday, 19 October 2009

Metropolitan Cathedral Church of St David, Cardiff...

OK, I realise that is a rather long post title, but, well... this could be a long post! I have a book on my shelf and it’s the history of the above mentioned church, St David’s Cathedral, Cardiff. It contains some beautiful pictures (black and white) of how the cathedral looked before the bombing in the 40s. There is also an ‘after’ shot, which I will also post; but let us first begin with a picture of how the cathedral looks now....

Pretty non-de-script, nothing of any actual interest, apart from the cathedra. I have it on good authority that it is in fact the original Abbot’s ‘throne’ from Belmont Abbey, and that there is a part missing, the missing part is said to be an Abbot’s mitre! **note no high altar**

So, what is the point of this post? I'm not just going to 'bash' the cathedral at which I attend Mass.. I am going to praise it for what it used to look like, and what, with a little care and attention the cathedral could look like again...
I know the picture is black and white but you can get an idea of what the cathedral looked like. This too had problems, the sanctuary was far too small for a cathedral, however it wasn't built as a cathedral or even intended to be one at all. St David's was the principal church of Cardiff, but the archdiocese wasn't constructed until 1916, the church was built in the 1800s.
How amazing it would be to have the last two pictures in colour! I am told that the cathedral was truly beautiful, one can get a taste of the beauty by looking at these pictures. The next picture may shock you...

After the incendiary bombing all that was left was a shell, the sheer beauty of the pre-WWII church disappeared and what was replaced was pile of rubble.

Cardiff has quite a rich history, quite a rich religious history. With one of the most powerful Catholic families in Briton (well they were converts) owning most of Cardiff, I speak of course, of the Bute's.

I pray that sooner, rather than later the people of the archdiocese will return to the faith.

Our Lady Help of Christians
pray for us

St David
pray for us

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Miss Ellen E. said...

Yes, it is shocking when one sees pictures of desecrated churches/cathedrals. Even more so when one thinks of the horror of war which caused the destruction of St David's Cathedral. It must have been very painful for the local Catholics of the time to see the ruins.
On the other hand, the cathedral has been rebuilt and no matter how beautiful the building (and yes, it does make a difference, I know), hopefully our faith is more than 'bricks and mortar'.