Thursday, 15 October 2009

Modern technology.

Modern technology. This “phrase” conjures up so many thoughts and so much feeling. Mobile phones, computers, television, the internet etc... they all fall into the collect idea of “modern technology.” You are reading this blog because of two of the “modern technologies” mentioned by me namely; computers and the internet.

My question is; do we rely too much on it? Have we forgotten what *real* silence is?

I was listening to a homily today; the homilist was a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate. He spoke briefly about today’s Saint; St. Teresa of Avila. He spoke of her vocation, what she was eventually called to do. But he spoke about what lead to this, a life of prayer. A life of silent prayer.

It is hard for many of us to pray during the day, harder still if the television/radio/computer is on; if we have an e-mail we have to send to someone or a phone call which has to be made by the end of the day. “I can always pray later” I often tell myself, I usually forget, but when i do eventually pray he who is always ready to listen is attentive, He never goes away, I praise him for staying close!

Too often our lives are filled with ‘hustle’ and ‘bustle’ how are we supposed to hear the Lord if we don’t take a few minutes out of our day to sit in silence, before a lit candle, crucifix or even the Blessed Sacrament, if you’re fortunate enough to live close enough to a church with regular adoration? The answer for many of us is we don’t or we can’t.

I beg, beseech and implore you to take the time, as the friar said in his homily, set aside a few minutes of your day, every day, for prayerful reflection.

St Teresa of Ávila
pray for us

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