Sunday, 18 October 2009

No electricity...

I woke up this morning (at 6am) to face every Westerners worst nightmare... no electricity.

There had been a leak over night from one of the upstairs apartments and as the water trickled down each floor it took that floors electricity with it.

So I went about my business, using the candles from my 'devotional area.'

Morning Prayer this morning was blissful, none of that background noise which usually accompanies my supposed "quiet" moments! It was utter bliss.

My point? I think it did me the world of good, too often we take electricity for granted, and when it's gone we don't know what to do. I got more uni work done this morning (by candle-light) than I have most of the year, so far!

My advice, take a little time out of your day, turn off devices that can be turned off and sit in silence, say a few prayers, pray a few psalms, then sit and listen. God is all too often inundated with our requests but we too frequently don't listen for the answer.

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Miss Ellen E. said...

Good advice. It's like when I was a child and we used to go on holiday and there was no TV (nowadays, of course TV is always provided).

I always enjoyed power cuts as a child too and doing things by candlelight.

Unfortunately now, as adults, we realise that if it lasts too long if affects so many things such as wasting a freezer full of frozen food!

But, you're right; a little bit of time without any 'modern technology' won't do us any harm - and in fact will probably do us a lot of good.