Friday, 16 October 2009

She's gone...

St Therese has gone, but the memory of the visit of her relics will live on for generations! I will always remember the flocks of people making their pilgrimage to Cardiff's Cathedral to spend a few minutes with the Little Flower, asking her intercession or thanking her for prayers being answered.

I have trawled through the Flickr page of the Bishop's Conference, looking mainly at pictures from the visit to Cardiff. I have a few favourites, which I will put up in this post. The pictures are all from the Flickr page, so full credit goes to them!
This is the first of my favourite pictures. It features one of the sisters from the Dolgellau Carmel, they were certainly most welcome! Most of them seemed quite frail, but they were so full of Love! They were all smiling!
Here is my second favourite image, why? Well it features three flags of great importance to me as a Welshman, a Briton and a Catholic. They are; the Welsh flag, the Union flag and the standard of St David. Also, Canon Peter Collins (with the biretta) is in full choir dress, a rare glimpse of a by-gone era.
The last image is of Archbishop Peter Smith during the preparation of the gifts. Mainly because it's a good picture, but also because I'm baffled by why the book is facing the wrong way... I was on the sanctuary and didn't notice a thing!!


Miss Ellen E. said...

Excellent photos. An interesting selection.

It has been marvellous to see so many people visiting and venerating the relics in the many different places on her journey.

You were privileged to be able serve Mass at the cathedral whilst the relics were in Cardiff.

Catholic Student said...

I've just noticed that I haven't chosen a picture of the relics!

I shall trawl through the pictures (all the pictures) and find one I like.

I felt truly privileged to serve at the three masses (two in the presence of St. Therese) and two benedictions!