Thursday, 1 October 2009

"What are the seven things that we, as Catholics, want or would like to see happen?"

I was "memed" in a blog post recently (well in the last few months) as a result of that I shall try and do as requested by the blogger.

So here goes;

1. Male Altar Servers - You may say this is sexist of me, but I genuinely believe that the 'corps' of altar servers should be all male. It is a fact that the role of altar server leads many young men to discern the possibility of a vocation to the Priesthood; woman can never be ordained priests.

2. A sensible distance between the hands of the celebrant during the opening prayer, Eucharistic prayer, Pater Noster and post-Communion prayer. None of this "I believe I can fly" rubbish [picture to follow].

3. Every parish church (in England and Wales... actually universally) offering both 'forms' of the Mass.

4. A return to beautiful vestments and the abolition of 'over-lay' stoles.

5. Priests wearing cassocks (even if it's just worn during the Mass, or when they're in a church) and religious wearing their habits.

[A note on habits especially women’s Religious Orders; a return to the habit of the founder, not the post-Vatican II dress]

6. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in EVERY parish.

7. Priests not just saying the Mass but praying it! Taking the time to prayerfully recite the Order of the Mass, and not doing a rushed job!

Most of these seem to be liturgical, but as an Altar Server you do notice liturgical abuses more than most other things.[exactly what i'm on about! "I believe I can fly"]


Miss Ellen E. said...

Thanks for doing the meme - eventually! ;-)

Catholic Student said...

I knew I'd get around to it sometime!